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TA-7600 VAMP™ Tapered Semiconductor Amplifiers

The TA-7600 VAMP Tapered Amplifiers allow you to amplify the output power of a seed laser up to 2 W. They are able to maintain spectral qualities of the seed laser while providing high and extremely stable power, making them ideal for high power applications.

TA-7600 TA-7600 VAMP Tapered Amplifiers, 662-920 nm


Fiber-Coupled Input


Every VAMP tapered amplifier features a permanently aligned fiber-coupled FC/APC input port. This eliminates the pain-staking process of aligning the seed laser beam into the front facet of the tapered amplifier chip and ensures that your system is always aligned, allowing for superior power stability. For additional power stability, a power lock loop monitors and levels the output power to provide quiet, low-drift output all day long even when your laboratory environment changes.

Integrated Permanent Fiber-Coupling


Optical isolation of the amplifier output is standard on all models. The fiber-coupled versions feature the integrated optical isolator along with a permanently fixed and aligned steel jacketed fiber, eliminating fiber misalignment to increase efficiency and maintain power stability.

Computer Control and LabVIEW Support

TA-7600-LN Straight

Control of the TA-7600 is done through the TA-7600-LN controller. Simple intiutive controls mean you are up and running immediately. Front panel operation allows you to run your tapered amplifier without a computer. USB and RS232 connectors are also available to integrate into your computer setup along with LabView and C# samples. The TA-7600-LN controller comes with both USB and RS-232 interfaces for optional remote control through a computer. We include a Windows application for plug-and-play control as well as Windows DLL and LabVIEW VI samples for greater programming flexibility.

Up to 2 W of Amplified Power

TA-7600 VAMP Tapered Amplifiers are designed to provide up to 2 W of amplified power at a variety of wavelengths. The VAMP will faithfully amplify a seed laser and maintain its spectral qualities, allowing for high power with excellent beam quality.

Active Input Power Monitoring

The TA-7600-LN controller features active input power monitoring to ensure that self lasing won't damage the tapered amplifier chip.

Pair with Seed Laser For a Complete MOPA System

When seeded with a low-ASE source such as the Vortex Plus or Velocity laser, the VAMP faithfully reproduces the narrow linewidth and high contrast ratio. The VAMP will also accept other seed sources, including many home-made ECDLs. Paired with your existing seed lasers of one of the New Focus lasers, you can easily create a complete MOPA system. When seeded with a low-ASE source such as the Vortex™ Plus or Velocity™ laser the VAMP faithfully reproduces the narrow linewidth and high contrast ratio. The VAMP will also accept other seed sources, including many home-made ECDLs. Contact our tech support for help in seeding the VAMP.


Wavelength Range (nm)1 755-775 775-785 779-790 787-805 825-855 910-920
Center Wavelength (nm) 765 780 780 795 850 915
Max Output Power2 >1.5 W >1 W >2 W >1.8 W >1 W >1 W
Output Power (fiber-coupled)3 > 0.5 W > 0.5 W N/A >0.5 W > 0.5 W N/A
Beam Divergence (mrad) <1.5 <1.5 <1.5 <1.5 <1.5 <1.5
Min Input at FC/APC Connector See Comments Below3
Beam Pointing Stability <50 µrad (±2°C)
ASE (at maximum power) <-45 dB (0.01 mm OSA resuolution)
Long Term Stability (Power, closed loop) <1%
Operating Temperature Range (°C) 15-30
Max Input at FC/APC Connector 100 mW
Linewidth Seed Laser Dependent
Frequency Jitter Seed Laser Dependent

1The TA-7600 series of Tapered Amplifiers is available at many wavelengths. If you do not see your target wavelength, please contact your regional sales manager or representative for further information.
2At Center Wavelength. Contact factory for power at your specific wavelength. Specifications (other than output power) are when seeded by a New Focus Vortex Plus or Velocity laser. Minimum fiber-coupled seed power is required to reach specified output power. All specifications subject to change without notice.
3Minimum seed power is 15 mW for TA-7612, TA-7616, 20 mW for TA-7613, TA-7613-H, TA-7614-H and 10 mW for TA-7618 to achieve full specified power output. The tapered amplifier has a safety shutoff feature, activated below 10 mW, that prevents damage to the tapered chip.


TLB-6700-LN Velocity Tunable Laser Controller
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