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OEM Tunable Laser Modules
  • Ultrawide 110-nm mode-hop-free tuning
  • Tuning speeds greater than 2,000 nm/s
  • OEM-proven reliability (>100-million cycles tested)

Just like all of our benchtop tunable lasers, these modules carry our reputation as the leading supplier of test-and-measurement tunable lasers. If you have speci?c needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to work with you to develop a design that’s right for you.

The TLM-8700 OEM laser module is just one example of our OEM component portfolio. New Focus designs, develops and manufactures custom optical solutions for a broad selection of companies in all branches of the photonics industry. Please contact our sales team dedicated specifically to solving OEM challenges for further information at [email protected]


  • Fiber-Bragg sensing
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Telecom test and measurement
  • Metrology
8700_optoblock_1?The TLM-8700 laser modules use a new technology to achieve 2- to >2,000-nm/s tuning speeds. ?U.S. Patents #5,319,668 and #6,608,847 and patents pending

Did You Know?

  • New Focus™ is the leading supplier of OEM tunable lasers
  • The StableWave™ tunable lasers, the SWL-7500 single-wavelength laser and the TLM-8700 laser modules are widely used in demanding OEM applications
FSS 8700_1?TLM-8700 laser module shown integrated into a PXI mainframe.99 Laser Danger lllB 4c_1 2002laser_warningCAUTION: Viewing the laser output with certain optical instruments (for example, eye loupes, magni?ers, and microscopes) within a distance of 100 mm may pose an eye hazard.
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